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Tapes whitepaper


Sometimes simple fixtures are the best!

SimplePacks and SimpleIndustry can be easily fixed to any surface with double-sided tapes or a simple duct tape. You can order all the double-sided tapes mentioned in this article on our eshop here!

Duct tape

duct tape

Duct tape is a very reliable fixing for surfaces that are hidden or where you can wrap the object around and where temperature does not exceed 60°C. It is very cheap - a 50m x 48 mm 3M black tape costs 3 Euro and you need 2x10 cm for complete SimplePack pipe wrapping. So for 3 Euros you can mount 250 SimplePacks.


Please note that duct tape shouldn't be used on mounts you want to last over 3 years!

Removable industrial double-sided tape

double sided tape


We ship this tape individually cut to 4.8 cm in length.

When you need long lasting fixtures in demanding environments but you want to have the option of removing the object, removable double-sided tape is the best. You can also use nano stickers.


We do NOT recommend the consumer double-tape!

We have the best experience with Ceys Montack. At a cost of €5, you get 2.5m. The width is 17 mm and thickness is 0.73 mm. You need roughly 5cm per SimplePack, so for €5, you can fix 50 SimplePacks. The tape is heat and water resistant, sticks really well to any surface and can be clean removed in a clean way.

Non-removable double-sided tape - grey

3m vhb non removable tape


We ship this tape individually cut to 7.5 cm in length - covers the whole back of the device.

The 3M UVB series is recommended. GP series is also a viable option, it is cheap, temperature resistant and strong. At 25 mm width and 0,6 mm thickness, we recommend the 3M VHB™ GPH-060GF.

Double-sided tape can completely replace mechanical fasteners (rivets, welding, screws) or liquid adhesives, eliminating drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and clean-up!

It costs 1€ per meter, so you can fix 20 SimplePacks for 1€. It is completely resistant to heat, moisture and water. Please bear in mind that removing the tape can be very difficult and may require cutting it off with a string.

CLICK HERE to see the technical datasheet of this tape


All the tapes should be applied in above freezing point non-condensing environment. If you want it to apply(install) inside working freezer please consult your local 3M distributor. For under -55°C performance see the application note._

Non-removable double-sided tape - transparent

3m vhb non removable tape 2


We ship this tape individually cut to 7.5 cm in length - covers the whole back of the device.

An alternative to the grey 3M VHB™ GPH-060GF above is the transparent 3M VHB™ 4910. This one comes in 25 mm width and 1 mm thickness.

CLICK HERE to see the technical datasheet of this tape


All the tapes should be applied in an above-the-freezing-point, non-condensing environment. If you want it to apply (install) inside a working freezer, please consult your local 3M distributor. See the application note for installations below -55°C.

Application Techniques

Visit the official 3M How to apply guide HERE

Clean: Most substrates are best prepared by cleaning with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water prior to applying the tapes. For this purpose, we recommend the 3M VHB Surface Cleaner Satchet created specifically for this purpose.

Exceptions to the general procedure that may require additional surface preparation include:

  • Heavy Oils: A degreaser or solvent-based cleaner may be required to remove heavy oil or grease from a surface and should be followed by cleaning with IPA/water.
  • Abrasion: Abrading a surface, followed by cleaning with IPA/water, can remove heavy dirt or oxidation and can increase surface area to improve adhesion.
  • Adhesion Promoters: Priming a surface can significantly improve initial and ultimate adhesion to many materials such as plastics and paints.
  • Porous surfaces: Most porous and fibered materials such as wood, particleboard, concrete, etc. need to be sealed to provide a unified surface.
  • Unique Materials: Special surface preparation may be needed for glass and glass-like materials, copper and copper containing metals, and plastics or rubber that contain components that migrate (e.g. plasticizers).

Press firmly!


  • 50% after 20 minutes
  • 90% after 24 hours
  • 100% after 72 hours

Bond strength may be achieved more quickly and in some cases, may be increased by exposing the bond to elevated temperatures around 60°C for one hour.