The SimpleIndustry can be fitted with sensors that monitor the concentration of gas in the air in ppm. As of now, we support monitoring CH4 concentration and CO2 is being prepared.

How to test a CO2 sensor?

In case you wish to test the CO2 devices to check if they are reporting CO2 threshold alert messages, before the field deployment, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Arm/activate the device via a short press using a magnet.

  2. Once you have received the Start of Arming (6510) and Armed messages (6511), place the device in a box/container with no fresh air flow possible when closed.

  3. Try to breathe in some air(CO2) in the box/container and then close it with a lid, now we wait for Threshold alert messages.

  4. The Gas Sensor Measuring interval is set to 5 minutes and Threshold A & B are set to 1500ppm and 3000ppm respectively.

  5. When the CO2 level changes about the thresholds set, we receive an alert as such, along with the CO2 levels appended.

D3Gas below A threshold - alert 1


Gas above A threshold - alert 1


Gas below B threshold - alert 2


Gas above B threshold - alert 2

For example- 65D50961

65- Gas mode D5- Gas below threshold B 961-2401 ppm


65- Gas mode D3- Gas below threshold A 39D- 925 ppm

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