Sigfox Backend Access


Some issues you may encounter will require us to have a look at your setup in the Sigfox backend. You can give other users access to individual groups or subgroups where devices are located.

In order to give access to somebody from outside your organization, you need to create a new user and Sigfox backend will map it automatically to the existing user. The existing user needs to accept the invitation and then the access is granted.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to the User tab

2. Click on New

3. Fill in the name, email (of our representative who will be helping you), group or subgroup and give us the rights of at least: Device manager (R) for read-only access Device manager (W) if you want us to edit something

4. Click Ok

The user will receive an email and will need to accept the invitation. After that you can see him among the users. You can delete him at any time or change his access rights.

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