All You Need to Know About the SIM Card in Your CheckFox and GSM connectivity

Provided connectivity

Checkfox 1.0 was shipped with 2 years of Sigfox connectivity and no SIM card. CheckFox 2.0 is shipped with no Sigfox connectivity and a Global rechargeable SIM card. Find the registration guide below.

Activating the SIM card that comes with your CheckFox 2.0

With Checkfox, you receive a 10 EUR prepaid worldwide SIM card that is already inserted in the device. To activate the SIM card and for the data costs, please go to, create an account and register your SIM for the pay-per-use plan.

The device does not use up a lot of data so the prepaid SIM card should last a while, but in case you need to recharge it, you can do it in this account too. Or you can use your own data SIM card, of course, just make sure to change the APN settings accordingly.

Here are screenshots taken step-by-step during the activation:

How to use your own SIM card with the CheckFox

SIM card requirement:

  • Mini-sized SIM (most common SIM card type with the dimensions of 15x25mm)

  • Unlocked PIN

You can insert the SIM card if you unscrew the device and open it.

Supported technologies

The CheckFox device supports 3G/Edge GSM at these frequencies:

  • @UMTS 800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz

  • @GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

LTE is not supported.

The Quectel UG96 modem is used in the device. The data transferred via GSM is one hundred bytes per measurement plus overhead, so you don’t need huge data plans. If you do 1000 measurements per month you need a 1MB data plan. If need the IMEI number of the 3G module, it can be found in Service Menu - About. IMEI is 15 characters long.

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