SimpleIndustry Introduction


The SimpleIndustry is a sturdy and elegant device that can cover multiple use cases efficiently at a great price. The device comes in different versions that are tailored for different use cases.

Key parameters:

  • Up to 100 000 Sigfox messages

  • 10 years long battery life

  • Incredible price / performance ratio

  • IP68 super strong polycarbonate casing

  • Highly customizable API6 firmware


Simple Hardware is not the IoT platform business and we are happy to support and list any platform supporting our devices. However, out of all the available platforms, we strongly recommend the IO Frog platform as SimpleIndustry devices are fully integrated.

CHECK the IO Frog platform here.

API 6 firmware

The SimpleMeter runs on the API 6 universal firmware (like all available Simple Hardware devices except the SimplePack 2.0). The firmware is rather complex and has a slight learning curve, so we suggest you start with this article:

HERE's the API 6 overview for beginners!

Basic operations

Asking for configuration, activating and deactivating the device

pageSimpleMeter/SimpleIndustry: Basic operations

API 6 probe A and B

If you have a SimpleIndustry with dual external temperature probes, the firmware distinguishes between probe A and probe B. If you have the device on its back in front of you and the cabels are coming from the bottom, the cable on the left is probe A.

What's on the back of the device?

Every Simple HW device has a label on its back with important information. The information content can be customized:

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