Steps to troubleshoot:

Coverage check

Evaluate the coverage based on the network backend. Record the observed coverage into a document or do a screenshot/export. If you don't have minimal coverage (at least 2 good base stations or at least 3 average base stations) either improve the coverage or transfer the device into the place with very good coverage. Record into the Troubleshooting document.

If you do any device manipulation (sending configuration updated to it, disarming it, arming it, etc). please write it into the Troubleshooting document


Physical Damages

  1. Can you see any physical damage? a. Log any damages on the devices (attach images if possible)


  1. Log into the Sigfox/LoRa backend or the platform you use.

  2. Check if the device responds when you do a button press using the button/magnet with LED blinks. - YES/NO

YES, the LED blinks so the Device is Communicating

  • Then the device should send a message in the backend.

  • If not; Try to move the device to a better coverage location and see if you will get any messages.

NO, the LED does not blink so the Device is not Communicating

Then in this case,

  • The device's battery can be dead.

  • There may be water ingress.

  • There may be physical damage to the device that can cause this.

  • Or some other reason which is why it has to be investigated further by the Simple Hardware Team.

  • So, Download the CSV file/msg history from the platform that you use before losing history/access.

  • Check for the number of messages sent by the device and log into the RMA Analysis sheet.

3. Contact Simple Hardware Support Immediately by creating a ticket.

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