We provide:

  • Customization of device behavior through settings

  • Customization of firmware extension

    • due to API7 being very flexible, it is rarely needed

    • Firmware modifications are charged based on a man-day rate

  • Customization of hardware and embedded solutions

    • Fee-based on man-day rate

    • Devices can also be used/shipped for embedding without casings

    • For volumes over 1000 devices, we can also omit some parts not needed for the project (button, LED, etc.) Please contact sales for details.

  • Customization of label

    • both laser and plastic labels can be customized

  • Customization of case color

    • Any color is available for all devices

  • Branding

    • We use UV print for all the device branding

  • Customization of bulk packaging

    • Price is individual, project-based

  • Production of individual packaging

    • Price is individual, project-based

  • Custom device settings pre-configuration during manufacturing

    • Any settings can be preloaded into the newly manufactured devices, so they don't need to be configured via downlink and are field deployment ready. The price consists of the project and per unit/device fee.

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