Factory Mode

Mode Description:

Some devices may be shipped in a special mode called Factory mode. This mode is used typically for devices where their pre-configuration can cause unnecessary battery drain eg. during transportation, manipulation, or during storage. In this mode, the device is limited to very basic functionality with no heartbeats.

How to identify that a device is in Factory mode?

Short button press (SimplePack & SimplePack Plus) Magnet with reed switch interaction (SimpleIndustry & SimpleMeter) for 0 – 2.9 seconds.

The Factory mode presence is indicated by:

  1. two long LED blinks

  2. a message starting with FA30 is sent

How to exit Factory mode?

Long button press (SimplePack & SimplePack Plus) Magnet with reed switch interaction for (SimpleIndustry & SimpleMeter) for 3 – 5.9 seconds.

The Factory mode exit is indicated by:

  1. rapid LED blinking for approx. 5 seconds

  2. message starting with FAFA01

  3. device reset into the pre-configured state.

There can be a specific setting to exit Factory mode automatically by timer overflow specified in API 6 registry E0 noted in SimpleTime.

For example, automatic Factory mode exit in 5 days after the device is manufactured if E0 is set to C5.

How to return to Factory mode?

In the case of a need to return to factory mode, you can write D5 with the value of 0x01 via downlink into API 6 registers. The Device will reboot into factory mode.

Payload Description

  • 1st Byte = 0xFA = Factory mode

  • 2nd Byte (Event)

    • The same rules as for any other event

    • - New Events:

      • 0xF9 = Factory mode GAS message

      • 0xFA = Factory mode exit message

      • 0xFB = Factory mode ADC raw values

  • 3rd – 12th Bytes

    • The same rules as for any other event (either appended payload or event-specific payload)

    • For the new events:

      • Event 0xF9

        • 3rd and 4th Byte is the Gas value in ppm

      • Event 0xFA

        • 3rd Byte = Type of exit

          • 0x00 = enter

          • 0x01 = exit via button

          • 0x02 = exit via timer

          • 0x03 = exit via register 0xD5 mf bit

        • 4th – 7th Bytes = ID of the device

      • Event 0xFB

        • 3rd Byte = ADC A mV MSB

        • 4th Byte = ADC A mV LSB + MS 4bit ADC B

        • 5th Byte = ADC B mV LSB


  • FA30 = Short press in Factory mode

  • FA30C0307D = Short press in Factory mode with Voltage (3.0 V) and Temperature (22.5 °C) appended to the payload

  • FAFA01025B46E2 = Exit of Factory mode via button and with the ID of the device (025B46E2)

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