Public Channel Setup

If you want to have data from all or some of your devices visualized in one place, you can put them into a public channel. Last year, we did a project where we sent our devices to monitor coffee machines around the world - in the offices of Sigfox operators! Here's the project.

You can have a public channel like that too!

Step-by-step setup

  1. First of all, you need to have some devices to visualize data from. If you haven't registered yours yet, please follow this guide.

  2. Once you have the devices set up and ready (feel free to choose from the guides in the IO Frog category), you can create a new dashboard. First, go to Group settings and there, choose Public channels.

  1. Name your channel, add a description and click the Add/Update button. When you do that, you will get an automatically generated URL to your public channel.

  1. Go to your URL and that's it! You can now share the URL with the world and all the data from your devices will be visible there. Here's a screenshot of our coffee monitoring project:

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