Custom hardware and software

  • Adding/removing sensors from the PCB board

  • Adding a new sensor we do not yet support to our device

  • Embedded devices without cases

  • Creating a new device based on our existing devices

  • Creating a new device from scratch

  • Adding new firmware features tailored to your use case

A specific version of our devices

By this, we mean devices such as the SimplePack 4.0 Plus Door and the SimpleIndustry Legionella - devices that we have already designed and produced but don't usually have in stock. Usually, the Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ) for these device versions is 500 pieces. On rare occasions, we will have the devices in stock on our e-shop.

If you want to use our devices as they are but would prefer to have your branding on them, please visit the article on custom branding:

pageCustom branding

"Naked" device (just the PCB with the battery - no case)

We understand that a version without the outer casing could be beneficial to be used in integrations. We have tens of customers using our devices like this.

Please bear in mind: 1. Always purchase and test the encased device before any experiments with the naked versions. 2. We only provide the naked version to customers with large-scale potential. 3. A naked version can be produced with any combination of sensors. 4. Understand that the price is the same as the encased version. 5. ID and PAC codes will be provided in a .csv file and a sticker with ID will be on the board. 6. Any case changes will have an impact on the radio performance. Please test thoroughly in a radio chamber or at least compare the performance with the reference design. 7. For commercial deployment you will have to get a new Sigfox certificate for the complete device.

Custom hardware and software development based on our devices

We can also design and produce a completely new device (hardware) or device behavior (software) that's based on already existing Simple Hardware platforms. Of course, considering the time investment, this possibility is available only for projects with a very large scale potential.

If you are interested in this option, please make sure to get in touch with us and tell us the following: 1. Describe the use case in depth. Ideally with price expectations based on your calculations. 2. Describe the intended device behavior in depth. 3. Give us a list of sensors you would like to stay on the PCB and also a list of sensors you would like to add (if any). 4. Decide on the desired dimensions and battery longevity expectancy. 5. Describe the final case of the new device. 6. Describe any desired connectors or integration into other electronics. 7. Provide as much visual material and data in general as you can.

If you have a question about hardware and software customization or have a project in mind, contact us at:

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