For any kind of troubleshooting please prepare a TROUBLESHOOTING DOCUMENT

  1. All the data from the Project/provisioning document

  2. Expected behavior

  3. Observed behavior

  4. Which user guide was used

  5. Is any reconfiguration done?

  6. Photo of the device at installation

Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. 90 percent of the issues are related to a not proper network coverage Evaluate the coverage based on the network backend. Record the observed coverage into a document or do a screenshot/export. If you don't have minimal coverage (at least 2 good base stations or at least 3 average base stations) either improve the coverage or transfer the device into a place with very good coverage. Record into the Troubleshooting document.

  2. If you do any device manipulation (sending configuration updated to it, disarming it, arming it, etc). please write it into the Troubleshooting document

  3. If coverage is good and you still don't know why you don't get the desired behavior please, before opening a ticket, collect and provide:

3.1 Troubleshooting document containing

  • Provisioning document

  • Expected behavior

  • Observed behavior

  • Photo of the device at installation

  • Coverage troubleshooting

  • Any other device manipulation

3.2 As data expire in the network backends all the historical data from the IoT platform

3.3 Ideally, read access to the IoT platform

3.4 Read access to the network backend

  1. Open a ticket

  2. We try to analyze the data and provide further guidance

  3. In case we need physical access to the device we ask you to open an RMA request and send us the device.

  4. We analyze the hardware and try to assess the root cause and we do provide a solution.

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