Guard me WiFi SuperLocal

Guard me WiFi SuperLocal is similar to the original mode as it also sends messages once the objects move, vibrate, or change position. The mode-specific event is sent with up to 5 MAC pointers and the respective RSSI for very precise localization.

Guard me WiFi SuperLocal

Hex value: 0x51

Use cases: Monitoring objects; security for both personal and commercial belongings

Devices that support this mode: SimplePack Plus

Required sensors: Accelerometer, WiFi module

Mode-specific deltas: None

Mode-specific events (uplink messages):

For more information on what uplink messages (mode-independent events) and additional data from various sensors in the device (appended payload) can be sent regardless of mode and how to fine-tune message behavior (alerts), see Mode-independent information and events.


Event name


Event information


Start of movement WiFi Precise


Accelerometer-based movement detection, sent with 5 MAC pointers and RSSI


MAC storage readout


One pointer and its assigned MAC address sent

Registers relevant for this mode:

If you change the general sensitivity of the accelerometer and the magnetometer (0x11 and 0x19), the respective axis registers reset to 0 as the general settings replace them and vice versa.


Register name

Default value (hex)


Sleep time

1 minute (0x41)


Accelerometer sensitivity

7 (0x07)


Accelerometer X axis sensitivity

7 (0x07)


Accelerometer Y axis sensitivity

7 (0x07)


Accelerometer Z axis sensitivity

7 (0x07)


Accelerometer measurement period

1 second (0x01)


Accelerometer detection delay

0 seconds (0x00)


MAC storage eraser

No default value - After this register hex, you can send up to 7 MAC pointers (0x01-0x80) to the device and then the respective MAC addresses will be deleted from the internal MAC storage


MAC storage reader

No default value - After this register hex, you can send up to 7 MAC pointers (0x01-0x80) to the device, the respective MAC addresses will be uplinked as the same number of 0xFC events

Similar modes:


Mode name



Guard me

Original version of Guard me, no WiFi


Guard me Wifi

Basic WiFi-enabled version of Guard me


Guard me Wifi Atlas

WiFi Atlas version of Guard me

Switching to mode, arming, and disarming information:

Follow the Basic Operations With SimpleHw Devices guide, where you can also find information about LED behavior, relevant Sigfox messages, and more.

Here’s what’s important for Guard me WiFi Precise messages:

  • To set this mode, the downlink needs to include this mode register setting: 0151

  • The uplink messages need to begin with the mode hex as the first byte: 51

  • When arming the device, you should see this message: 5110

  • When the device is armed, it should send you these two bytes: 5111

  • If you disarm the device via the long press, you should receive this message: 5114

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