SimpleMeter/SimpleIndustry: Basic operations

Arming/Disarming (Activation/Deactivation), Downlink triggering


While the SimplePacks use the button as a default way to trigger downlink, the SimpleIndustry/SimpleMeter use the magnetic switch instead (but in the same way).

Here's where to place your magnet (to perform "Button presses"):

Before you start working with the device, make sure the settings you want to change are input into the Sigfox backend (or IO Frog/other platform) and saved there = waiting for a downlink request.

pageDownlink Information
  1. Downlink is requested by an "extra long press" (6+ seconds) with the magnet. While the magnet is held near the magnetic switch, the LED diode is lit and then starts blinking after 6 seconds.

  2. When the diode starts blinking, you can remove the magnet - downlink request is initiated. The LED will then blink slowly for 40 seconds.

  3. Successful reception is indicated by long blink of the LED, unsuccessful by series of 5 very short blinks.


Initiating Arming

  1. Do a "short press" (<2 seconds) to start the arming. While the magnet is near, the LED diode is lit and the "short press" is then indicated by a short blink.

  2. After this, arming process starts - default is 15 seconds. Arming process is indicated by double blinking and its purpose is to give you enough time to place the device where you need it.

  3. After this, the device is armed and ready to work as intended. This is indicated by the the LED blinking the letter A in Morse code (short, long)


Initiating Disarming

  • When the device is active (armed), you can disarm it by doing a "long press" (2-4 seconds) with the magnet. After that, the LED will indicate a long-blink twice followed by two short blinks.

What should you see on the Sigfox Backend

pageWhat should you see on the Sigfox Backend

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