Battery Replacement in SimpleIndustry and SimpleMeter Devices


Written instructions:

  1. Remove the screws with a Torx screwdriver (size 6)

  2. Carefully remove the back casing of the device

  3. Remove the black foam lining

  4. Carefully remove the batteries from the holders

  5. Remove the remaining double-sided tape from the black PCB board

  6. (Optional) Loosen the cable/cables for easier replacement. If you will be doing this step, make sure to leave circa 1 cm of completely covered cable inside the casing when re-assembling the device.

  7. Place the device with its back on the horizontal surface for steps 7. and8.

  8. Place the new double-sided tape onto the black PCB board (between the battery holders) and peel off the protective layer

  9. Insert the new batteries (AA battery, 3.6 V) into the holders (be careful about polarities) and make sure the contact of the batteries is touching the battery pins correctly

  10. Insert the new black foam in the back casing of the device

  11. Re-assemble all of the parts together and replace the screws with a Torx screwdriver (size 6)

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