Reed switch on/off WiFi SuperLocal

Reed switch on/off WiFi SuperLocal is similar to the original mode as it sends a message when the reed contact is switched on by a magnet and also sends one when the sensor is switched off because the nearby magnetic field is no longer detected. All mode-specific events are sent with up to 5 MAC pointers and the respective RSSI for very precise localization.

Reed switch on/off WiFi SuperLocal

Hex value: 0x55

Use cases: Garage doors, warehouse doors, fridges, anything where reporting contact is important

Devices that support this mode: SimplePack Plus

Required sensors: Reed contact, WiFi module

Mode-specific deltas:

Deltas are mode-specific register values different from register default values.

Register (hex)

Default (hex)

Delta (hex)

Delta information

Sleep time (0x04)

1 minute (0x41)

12 seconds (0x0C)

Sleep time decreased

Reed detection delay (0x4B)

0 seconds (0x00)

5 seconds (0x05)

Detection delay active

Mode-specific events (uplink messages):

For more information on what uplink messages (mode-independent events) and additional data from various sensors in the device (appended payload) can be sent regardless of mode and how to fine-tune message behavior (alerts), see Mode-independent information and events.


Event name


Event information


Reed on WiFi Precise


Reed switched on because of magnet presence, sent with 5 MAC pointers and RSSI


Reed off WiFi Precise


Reed switched off because of magnet absence, sent with 5 MAC pointers and RSSI


MAC storage readout


One pointer and its assigned MAC address sent

Registers relevant for this mode:


Register name

Default value (hex)


Reed contact detection delay



MAC storage eraser

No default value - After this register hex, you can send up to 7 MAC pointers (0x01-0x80) to the device and then the respective MAC addresses will be deleted from the internal MAC storage


MAC storage reader

No default value - After this register hex, you can send up to 7 MAC pointers (0x01-0x80) to the device, the respective MAC addresses will be uplinked as the same number of 0xFC events

Similar modes:


Mode name



Reed on/off

Original version of Reed on/off, no WiFi


Reed on/off WiFi

Basic WiFi-enabled version of Reed on/off


Reed on/off WiFi Atlas

WiFi Atlas version of Reed on/off

Switching to mode, arming, and disarming information:

Follow the Basic Operations With SimpleHw Devices guide, where you can also find information about LED behavior, relevant Sigfox messages, and more.

Here’s what’s important for Reed on/off WiFi Precise messages:

  • To set this mode, the downlink needs to include this mode register setting: 0155

  • The uplink messages need to begin with the mode hex as the first byte: 55

  • When arming the device, you should see this message: 5510

  • When the device is armed, it should send you these two bytes: 5511

  • If you disarm the device via the long press, you should receive this message: 5514

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