RMA Process

Merchandise Return Process

Even if we strive to deliver flawless products it can happen that a particular device is not working according to your expectations.

For that, we have a special process driven by our General Terms and Conditions for fixing the devices.

  1. We need to be sure that the devices cannot be fixed remotely and that the issue is really with the device. For that, you need to open a support ticket.

  2. Once support analyzes the situation and concludes that the device has to be returned for further analysis or repair or replacement they instruct you to open an RMA. Below you can find the detailed instructions.

  3. Once you get the RMA number please pack the devices properly in a secure way

  4. Write the RMA number on the package in bold letters

  5. Ship it to

RMA No. xxx Simple Hardware Nad Spadem 12 147 00 Prague 4 Czech Republic VAT ID: CZ05219183 office@simplehw.eu +420 228 882 205

The default return shipping costs are covered by the customer according to the General Terms and Conditions as we sell EX Works. Simple Hardware covers the costs of repair/replenishment and shipping back to the customer. In case we discover that the devices don't work properly because of inappropriate manipulation we inform the customer how one should proceed. Please consult with support and sales if the devices are past the guarantee. We will try to find a solution.

When shipping from outside the EU you need to accompany the shipment with an invoice at a minimal value in order to pass correctly through customs:

  1. Proforma or commercial invoice a. RMA number b. Name of the goods and SKU and their count c. HS Codes of the goods d. Country of origin (Czech Republic) e. The value of the goods should be minimal f. The price on the proforma invoice should be close to zero (cannot be zero as some transport companies require a minimal price on the invoice)

  2. Your packing list (optional) a. RMA number b. Name of the goods and SKU c. Serial numbers d. HS Codes of the goods e. Country of origin (Czech Republic) f. Unit weight, Number of units, Total weight

The numbers and texts can be handwritten on the standard documents but the numbers need to match.

Please provide all the documents to us as well via email to office@simplehw.eu so we can speed up the customs processing.

Also please check for additional country-specific forms that need to be filled in by you in order not to be charged a Customs fee on re-import once the devices are returned to you.

RMA creation after confirmation in the support ticket

  1. Make sure you have a support ticket number

  2. Login to your account at simplehw.eu (In case your email is not enabled please ask your sales contact)

  3. Go to your customer account - My account under your name in the header

  4. Go to the Sales Order section > Select the appropriate Sales order referring to the devices with the issue, select the Return option

  5. Select the Device IDs that are to be returned under RMA

    • If it is all the IDs related to the sales order, then click on select all.

    • You can search the IDs as well to find the exact IDs to be sent as RMA.

  6. Select the Return Reason and Submit the request

  7. You can check the status of the RMA, go to My account > Your RMA Orders and you will see the RMA number.

  8. To find out about the IDs selected under a particular RMA, click on the RMA number

Kindly note that if you have not directly purchased the device(s) from Simple Hardware, please contact your supplier and request that they create an RMA via their Simple Hardware user account. This should only be done once our Support Team has approved that the device(s) can be returned to us as RMA.

Kindly note that if the device IDs belong to different Sales orders, create separate RMA's.

In case of any question please contact sales or support.

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