Troubleshooting process

For any kind of troubleshooting please prepare a TROUBLESHOOTING DOCUMENT

See here for the template: RMA Analysis

Checklist per product:

  1. Get provisioning/installation document

  2. Get a Device user guide

  3. Get Sigfox/LoRa backend access

  4. Get warranty information

  5. Get a message log from your platform

  6. Get very good Sigfox/Lora coverage (at least 2 good base stations or at least 3 average base stations)

Record per device:

  1. Device ID

  2. Firmware version

  3. Name of the product as mentioned on the Label

  4. Downlinks used / any reconfiguration?

  5. Sigfox or LoRa

  6. Platform used

  7. Installation place, temperatures, photos of the installation

  8. Warranty

  9. Intended/expected behavior

  10. Observed behavior

Steps to troubleshoot:

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