CheckFox Log Data Interpretation


The following data is uploaded to the dashboard shortly after the Sigfox message is transmitted from the device. Each value is separated by a comma (“,”): LOGdata-02:0A04,08.04.2018,11:13:55,N50d00.5113,E014d43.5021,0,050,00405,360,100,808040,808040,4,4.0,22,ABCDEFGH

Example data parsing

*Accelerometer data can be used to determine unwanted movement during Sigfox transmission (which can negatively affect the RF performance).

Parsing the last 4 bytes (8 letters ABCDEFGH) of the payload

LETTER A (Main menu selection)

LETTER B (Measurement type)

LETTERS CD (Messages)

LETTERS EF (Sequence number)



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