Before integrating API 6 devices

Back to the basics, if you’re thinking about implementing our devices, into your processes, it’s necessary to understand the following principles before anything else:

  1. Our primary aim is the B2B2C model (and the API reflects this) SimpleHw devices are intended to be used for data collection by integrators in their projects and are sold this way. It’s important to know what advantage you will gain by using our devices before attempting to actually use them. The devices can be shipped to you with individual settings or you can fine-tune them via downlink if necessary. The API is written to cover as many use cases as possible as efficiently as possible with a heavy emphasis on the cost-benefit ratio.

  2. Sigfox training by your local Sigfox operator is a must for mass deployment. This should cover both Sigfox as a technology in general and Sigfox backend in-depth (you should be familiar with groups, device types, callbacks and connectivity tokens at the very least).

  3. IoT platforms that support the API 6 can be used for general testing purposes instead of the Sigfox backend if you just want to try the devices out. We heartily recommend the platform as it’s easy to use, the complex API 6 is well explained there and we’re closely working with the dev team.

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