API 7 is a new firmware concept that significantly extends the functionality and robustness of existing API 6


  • support LoRaWan technology, NB-IoT ready, Sigfox-LoraWan dual mode

  • GNSS support

  • lower idle consumption

  • API 6 was pull-based, API 7 is event (IRQ) driven

  • variable bit-depth of data reported (typically 8,12bit)

  • 8x255 configuration registes (8pages, can be extended to 16)

  • data logging capability into EEPROM (2MB)

  • 2 color LED with configurable blinking patterns support

  • modular structure (sources, processing modules, filters, messaging modules, etc.)

    • the shift from predefined fixed modes to fully configurable processing blocks

    • universal processing of data by modules within the firmware

  • faster and more seamless introduction of new sensors and functionality

  • multidevice local OTA firmware update and configuration (proprietary broadcast protocol)

  • improved internal health checks - increases long-term stability

  • possible to store any configuration and restore it later including factory default settings

  • support 4 analog/digital inputs, up to 5 digital outputs

  • support external UART, I2C,1-wire

  • improved security - signed fw, encrypted OTA

  • power control 1dB step

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