Device Registration

When you receive your devices, it is now time to register them to the Sigfox network in order for them to work.

Please note that this guide is for the Sigfox backend only!

You can find the IO FROG SETUP guide HERE!

ID and PAC of your devices

You can register your new devices either directly in the Sigfox backend or through the IO Frog platform. In both cases, you will need to have the ID and the one-time PAC in order for the registration to be successful.

At this moment, you will receive the IDs and PACs in a spreadsheet file that will be sent to you manually together with instructions. This process will be automated in the near future.

The IDs and PACs can also be found on the devices themselves:

  • SimplePack or a SimplePack Plus - back of your device.

  • SimpleIndustry - the ID will be on the case. Please note that we are currently delivering these devices just with the ID (this will change in the future). You have to look up the PAC in the spreadsheet we send you.

  • SimpleMeter - bottom of the device (holder off).

  • SimpleLeak - bottom of the device.

  • CheckFox - you can find the ID and the PAC in the menu, just go to the Service menu and then About.

Registering your device on the Sigfox backend

  1. Go to the Device tab

  2. Click on New if you're registering one device**.** \

  3. Select the Group (subgroup) you want to register the device under. \

  4. Choose the device type, name your device and input the credentials. Go to this article to find the End Product Certificate of your device). \

  5. If the device doesn't have an End Product Certificate, register it as a prototype - see below.

If you're registering more than one device at a time, you can create a new device batch when you click on New series. You will have to import the IDs and PACs in a .csv format - column A will be ID, column B PAC.

Register as prototype

If you've checked that your device doesn't have a certificate, you can register it like this:

  1. Go to the Sigfox backend

  2. Go to Devices

  3. Hit New and then click on Where can I find the end product certificate? and there, tick Register as a prototype

CRA rejected the modem ownership transfer: Invalid PAC code

If you see this, the PAC code you're trying to input into the Sigfox backend is either incorrect OR used to be correct but has since been refreshed and is different now (this happens when you register a device into the Sigfox backend - the PAC is a one-time code that is then regenerated so when you delete the device and try to register it again, it doesn't work).

There are two steps to take:

  1. Go to the Devices tab in your Sigfox backend and check deleted devices. Search for the ID you're trying to register and if it is there, check the PAC code (often it will be different from the one you received when the devices were new).

  2. If you cannot access the deleted devices tab or the PAC code that's in there doesn't work as well, contact the support desk of BOTH Sigfox Corp directly) and your local Sigfox Operator.

Please understand that as much as we want to help you in this situation, we cannot as we are a device manufacturer and our access to the Sigfox backend is limited.

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