Batteries shipping

We ship the batteries inside the devices. The batteries are non-rechargeable (primary).

In the Industry line, the Lithium content is 0.5g per battery and the device contains 2 batteries

The shipment falls under:

UN3091 (Li batteries contained in equipment or packed with it)

P.I. 970

Section II

Section II is Acceptable to most locations. Cells equal to or less than 1g, and Batteries equal to or less than 2g • No Shipper’s Declaration • Strong rigid outer packaging • Completed Lithium Battery Mark if more than 4 cells and 2 batteries per package (See Figure 2) Exception The completed Lithium Battery Mark requirement does not apply to: – packages containing only button cell batteries installed in equipment (including circuit boards) or – consignments of two packages or less where each package contains no more than 4 cells or 2 batteries installed in equipment • If Special Provision A213 is applicable, 1.5 g and 10 Wh limits per battery apply. • No Dangerous goods surcharge Limit per package (excludes equipment): PAX = 5kg CAO = 5kg

For battery information and replacement in the Industry line see

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