You need 8 things without which please DO NOT START.

  1. Connectivity It tends not to be a problem

  • With Sigfox please be aware of which plan you have and record it in the project document.

  • With Sigfox please be aware whether you have Sigfox Atlas or Sigfox WiFi Atlas and record it in the project document.

  • With LoRAWan please record the subscription plan, network server, and communication version in the project document.

  1. Network coverage For any manipulation with the devices, you must have proper coverage in the place where you do the activation and/or configuration

  • Sigfox At least 3 base stations receiving a good quality signal with at least 50 percent frame deliverability

  • LoRaWan/Helium At least 2 base stations receiving a good quality signal between -82dBm and -110dBm (-120dBm is bad)

If your coverage is not good enough please install a local Sigfox and/or Helium gateway.

Record the coverage in the project document.

  1. Devices

Please collect all the devices in one place. Record location into the project document.

Ideally use upper floors, rooms with windows, or outside for activation and/or configuration.

Please be aware to activate in batches so as not to overwhelm the radio spectrum and the gateway by activation and/or configuration at the same time.

  1. Credentials

You should have received them by email plus they are available at your portal for download.

Please import them appropriately.

Record the provisioning into the project document.

  1. User guide

You should have received this by email and it is downloadable from your portal account.

  1. Reserved time Please reserve enough time for provisioning. It will save you a lot of time in troubleshooting.

You need at least 15 minutes for the project and 10 minutes for each batch.

  1. Trained/qualified person

It doesn't need to be a technician, but the person needs to be trained, and understand the basics of the networks, and be able to operate the network backends and IoT platform.

  1. Project/provisioning document to record the steps into

Please don't underestimate this. It is critical to do any troubleshooting either on your side or during support. Ideally a shared Google Docs document.

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