Heartbeat 3

Only the Heartbeat 3 period can be defined - by changing the value of register 0x64. Standard SimpleTime encoding is used. The third heartbeat can be used in basic WiFi-enabled user modes, WiFi Atlas user modes and WiFi Precise user modes to define a regularly transmitted message with MAC addresses.

Mode type

Heartbeat 3 message


Two messages are sent with 3 MAC addresses total (1,5 each), the 0xE0 event is sent in the first and the 0xE1 event in the second message

WiFi Atlas

The 0x6B event is sent in the first message and two MAC addresses in 12 bytes are sent in the second message

WiFi Precise

Only one message is sent with the event 0xD2 in the second byte followed by 5 MAC pointers and the respective RSSI

Heartbeat 3 was also created to control the Stupid modes (0x12 and 0x61).

In Stupid mode 1, one single uplink event with two MAC addresses will be sent regularly (similar to the behavior of WiFi Atlas modes) - the period is defined by this heartbeat. In Stupid mode 2, an empty message with Sigfox metadata only is sent regularly according to the heartbeat period.

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