CheckFox Introduction


The CheckFox is a universal device for measuring Sigfox coverage. Most often, it's used by Sigfox Operators to determine signal strength when improving coverage and also integrators who need need to know if a location where they need Sigfox devices working is well covered.

The CheckFox comes in RC1, RC2, RC3 and RC4.

When you purchase the hardware, you also get access to the CheckFox Dashboard - the management platform where you can see all the data from your device. The platform needs to be connected to the Sigfox backend via API and callbacks and the device also needs to have a working SIM card inside.

CheckFox articles

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The Advanced category

You can find information about the Dashboard data export, technology used to run it, device log interpretation and description of the Sigfox uplink payload from the device. Most of CheckFox users will never need this, but if you do... Well, here it is!

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Quick CheckFox FAQ

Where can I find the ID and PAC of my CheckFox?

If the device just arrived, we should have sent you a list of IDs and PACs already. If you cannot find it, you can do the following:


  2. Go to ABOUT

And you can find the ID and PAC there. But please note the PAC there is the production one and will not be valid after first registration on the Sigfox backend.

How to switch the RC zones in the Checkfox 2.0

Since the Wisol module is multizone, it's possible to switch between RC2 and RC4. The only prerequisite is firmware revision EN029 and up (you can update the firmware OTA through GSM).

Here is how to do it:


  2. Select ABOUT

  3. When the device info loads, press the UP and DOWN arrows at the same time

  4. Choose the RC zone you want to switch to, press Ok and wait about 10 seconds

  5. The RC zone switch is done, please restart the device!

How to update the firmware over the air

Please update your device following these steps.

  1. Before you attempt a firmware update, you need at least 3.9V (firmware rewrite is not available below this voltage because of safery reasons) on the battery and a working SIM card.



  4. The update takes about 3mins and the size is 64kB.

  5. Go to SERVICE MENU again and check ABOUT to see the firmware version.

We will notify you about new firmware version in the CheckFox Dashboard and via email.

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