SimplePack API 2, 4, 5 and 6 comparison


SimplePack 1.0

Produced (expo version), sold out

SimplePack 1.1

Produced (commercial and expo), sold out

SimplePack 1.2

Produced, clicking button with click feedback, sold out

SimplePack 2.0

Produced, clicking button and LED offset from button with higher luminosity, upgraded API, sold out

SimplePack 3.0/4.0 (Plus)

Produced, main SimpleHw product, check the SimplePack 3.0/4.0 category, in stock, check the eshop for availability


  • one API for all new Simple Hardware devices (SimpleLeak, SimplePack Plus, SimpleIndustry, SimpleMeter)

  • easy to read, comprehend and parse in any IoT platform

  • support of stateless payload parsing

  • future proof and ready with full forward and backward compatibility both in downlink and uplink

  • new uplink and downlink mechanism

  • using simpleTime for all time definitions (from 1 second to 63 days) using just one byte

  • using simpleTemp for all temperature definitions (from -40°C to 87,5°C with 0,5°C resolution)

  • support for all new sensors

  • 2 definable heartbeats with definable behaviour and additional payloads

  • message and heartbeat appendable information at defined fixed payload positions

  • support for Sigfox coverage confirmation

  • ready for logical operators via downlink on device side

  • ready for world time sync and world time timed alerts

  • totally configurable alerts (repetitions, actions, behaviour)

  • easy to understand and consistent LED blinking and beeping

  • global switch for muting and no LED indication

  • support for sending only 1 frame instead of 3 frames (you can now send 20 messages per hour)

  • myriads of other refinements and improvements


  • expands the modes to Don't drop me

  • heartbeat contains always temperature and voltage during transmission

  • temperature and voltage can be appended to all messages (exception is Monitor me)

  • switchable appending accelerometer values to all messages

  • very long press is detected at pressing for more than 6 seconds (prev. 10 secs)

  • switchable automatic arming after selectable inactivity period (exception is Monitor me, Trace me)

  • switchable sending of confirmation message on moment of arming (after departure delay)

  • switchable automatic disarm after alert

  • switchable disarm by long press

  • adjustable sampling interval in Monitor me mode (prev. 1 sec)

  • switchable button clickable and alerting even while other modes are running

  • switchable no downlink requested after alarm

  • non-linear timers for Arrival delay, Sleep time, Automatic arm time

API 5 documentation


  • expands the modes to Put me back and Monitor me

  • expands the payload definition

  • enables doubleclick, long press and extra long press (downlink request)

  • more configurability of heartbeat interval

  • arming can be done through downlink

  • heartbeat can request downlink and can arm/disarm

  • LED can be switched off

  • API 4 LED behavior:

    • LED light is slowly blinking to confirm successful downlink.

    • LED light is slowly blinking to confirm manual downlink request (button press for more than 10 seconds).

API 4 documentation


Modes: Press me, Guard me, Track me, Trace mode

API 2 documentation

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