CheckFox Troubleshooting Guide

Please make sure you have followed ALL the steps in the Setup Guide!

CheckFox Dashboard and Sigfox backend

Registration failed

  1. If you cannot register the device on the CheckFox Dashboard as it is already registered, contact the admin of your organization.

  2. If you cannot register the device on the Sigfox backend because the ID/PAC combination is wrong, please submit a support ticket AND contact Sigfox Corp with the same inquiry.

No data is received in the CheckFox Dashboard

  1. Check that you have access rights to the device in CHeckFox Dashboard.

  2. Make sure that the API access and callbacks are created properly according to the Setup Guide.

GPS or Sigfox Atlas localisation is not available

  1. If you cannot see any GPS positions, then the measurements were probably done indoor and no GPS positions were collected.

  2. If you cannot see the Atlas localisation, then Atlas native is most likely not enabled on your contract.

(Sigfox Operators only) BTC locations are not accurate

The API access most likely wasn't created in the root group. Check your backend, please.


Device display is dead

You need to make sure the battery is charged - charge the device for 6+ hours and then try to turn it on again.

Device is stuck

If the device is stuck, Checkfox HW version “CF1.15” can be reset by pressing and holding the Back and Power buttons simultaneously. This will perform a hardware reset of the CPU. Turn the device off and on again to restart all other applications (GSM, GPS, etc.). Please note this doesn't work if the device gets stuck at 12%, 35% and 100% when sending data. See below.

GPS fix cannot be received

  1. If you can't get GPS fix, try to go outside and wait for at least 40 seconds.

  2. If you still cannot get the GPS fix outside, charge the battery to full power.

Device gets stuck at 12%, 35% or 100% when transmitting data

Data sending stuck at 12%: No GSM connection

  1. Check that the SIM card is correctly inserted into the device.

  2. Check that the SIM card is activated.

  3. Check that the SIM card PIN lock is not active.

  4. Check that the data tariff is enabled on your SIM card and you have some data left.

  5. Check that the APN is setup properly (can be case-sensitive).

  6. Check the GSM coverage (GSM signal strength indicator will not show 0 if you have coverage).

Data receiving stuck at 35%: No answer from the Sigfox backend

Check Checkfox Dashboard settings - read through the Setup Guide again if necessary.

TX progress stuck at 100%: Low battery voltage

  1. If you encounter this issue, the voltage on the battery is probably below 3.8V or 3.9V and the device will have a problem with sending data through the GSM connection because of low power.

  2. This could also happen because your firmware revision is outdated. Make sure to regularly update your device!

If you have problems with the CheckFox losing power when performing long tests in the field, carry a powerbank with you. The device should last very long but it's always good to be able to get the most out of it.

No BTS is shown on the device

  1. If you can see messages from the device in the Sigfox backend, please check the setup of your API access and callbacks as described in the Setup Guide.

  2. If you cannot see any messages in the Sigfox backend, do the following:

    • Check the antenna and battery voltage.

    • Check your subscription to Sigfox (the device cannot obviously be off contract)

    • Check trash messages in the Sigfox backend and Disengage the sequence number if necessary.

    • For RC2/RC4 devices: check that the RC settings and downlink frequency are correct according to your RC zone.

If your CheckFox is showing that downlink failed when you try to test the downlink, no data was loaded into the Sigfox backend and therefore nothing can be sent to your device. In order to receive a downlink response, please go to the Device type tab in the Sigfox backend, click on Edit in the Information, change downlink to DIRECT and input 16 zeros into the payload (feel free to copy: 0000000000000000).

Opening a support ticket

You can open a support ticket here. Please provide us with the following:

  1. Device ID

  2. Device HW and FW revision (ideally confirmed by a photo)

  3. If you have an issue with the device, we need a photo of the screen (unless it's broken)

  4. Screenshots of correctly created API access and callbacks

  5. If you're a customer and have a problem with some data not showing, we will need confirmation from your Sigfox Operator that metadata is enabled in your contract

  6. If you're a Sigfox Operator, we will need a screenshot of where the device is located in the backend (to see if it's directly under your group)

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