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API 6 firmware release notes

What was changed in my version of the API



  • Light on/off WiFi mode not working properly
  • Put me back mode not working properly
  • WiFi MAC address filtering not implemented completely
  • Long press in Press me WiFi mode sends the wrong event
  • Autoarm not implemented


New features:

  • Integrated latest ST Micro library
  • Added WiFi Atlas modes (to the standard WiFi modes that send 3 MACs, WiFi Atlas send 2 MACs in one uplink messages - no mode, no uplink event is sent in this message)
  • Added WiFi precise modes - up to 128 MAC addresses are recorded under pointers which enables the device to send up to 5 MACs with their respective RSSI in one message (generally used for known routes such as warehouses etc, precision <2m)
  • Added MAC filtering according to Atlas WiFi specification
  • Added the ability to append magnetometer data (test only)
  • Added more options/switches for LED blinking behaviour and simplification
  • Slightly improved radio performance Fixed:
  • Light on/off WiFi mode
  • Independent light on/off event work in Press me mode Issues:
  • Put me back mode not working properly
  • Long press in Press me WiFi mode sends the wrong event
  • Autoarm not implemented


New features:

  • Added Stupid mode 1 - sends two MAC addresses and nothing else
  • Added the ability to use PA in RC1 zone and 600bps encoding in RC1
  • Added Heartbeat 3 cross-mode functionality: if the device is in a standard WiFi mode, 3 MACs are sent, if in a WiFi Atlas mode, 2 MACs are sent and if in a WiFi Precise mode, 5 pointers with RSSI are sent (just like the original modes behave) Fixed:
  • Fixed the Put me back mode issue introduced in 6.0.45
  • Fixed the wrong event sent by long press in Press me WiFi mode
  • Fixed missing Autoarm - implemented


New features:

  • Added Blinker mode (blinks till it's switched off by the button)
  • Added timer to switch to new RCZ (Monarch)
  • Added event that reports the RCZ switch
  • Added Reed counter mode (sends the count of reed switches, either sends a message after x switches or sends a message after x time with the count in the time period) For Monarch version:
  • Added timer to start listening to Monarch beacon Newly introduced issue:
  • Temperature not working properly


New features:

  • Added independent logistic alerts (set up with register 0x56)
  • Added independent temperature threshold alerts (set up with register 0x34)
  • Changed the Reed counter mode to send messages only when reed switch is detected Fixed:
  • Temperature not working properly introduced in FW 71


New features:

  • Tilt detection and accelerometer settings change working with SimpleLeak (reg. 0x3E) Fixed:
  • Battery consumption optimization in some modes
  • Minor bug fixes


New features:

  • Added Stupid mode 2 - sends empty messages - only Sigfox metadata is sent
  • Added Mode WiFi Debug Scan 2

New registers for WiFi rescanning (applicable in WiFi Debug Scan2): 0x6E rescan interval 0x6F number of rescans


New features:

  • Monarch: Event 0x88 (RCZ change) with additional data (new RCZ and change method)
  • New event: 0x89 Battery low reporting low battery voltage
  • Independent accelerometer events (bit 0 of register 0x56) send message as Trace me mode instead of Track me now - this means that in addition to 0x20 and 0x21 events (Start and Stop of movement), 0x22 is sent as well (Tracing tag) Fixed:
  • Monarch: Register 0x6B has a correct default value now
  • Monarch: Zone switch timer to change RCZ fixed
  • Watchdog fixed - bug introduced in 6.0.90


New features:

  • Periodic temperature independent event 0xBA (set with registers 0x7E and 0x7F)
  • Added hot bitturned on with register (bit 1 of register 0x56) - this moves the temperature range up by 35°C and allows reporting higher temperature than 87.5°C
  • Added Sigfox RC7 support for Russia (bit 6 of register 0x6B) Newly introduced issue:
  • SimplePack 3.0 Plus Basic is missing Stupid mode 2 in its firmware build (this concerns only the basic version)
  • Periodic temperature independent event freezes when the aggregation is changed


New features:

  • Better consumption in devices with the power amplifier (RC2/4)


New features:

  • Reed switch can now be in interrupt mode instead of pooling - instant reaction (turned on with register 0x37 to value 0xFF)
  • GPIO functions - the possibility to add any sensor to pins on the board (project-based only)
  • Legionella mode (not publicly documented, please contact us if you're interested in using a legionella prevention device from us - project-based)
  • Failsafe - a very important function that makes sure the device cannot be in a state where it's not possible to change the settings (e.g. button is disabled with no downlink requesting heartbeats - the firmware automatically detects the button being disabled and turns the heartbeat on etc.)
  • Alert repetition function of events implemented Fixed:
  • Periodic temperature independent event no longer freezes when the aggregation is changed
  • Reed counter events now sent correctly based on the time trigger Newly introduced issue:
  • New alerts do not cancel all pending repeating alerts (indefinite sending)


New features:

  • GPIO functions upgraded to the GPIO_MAP - more efficient settings Fixed:
  • All new alerts cancel all pending repeating alerts


New features:

  • Travel time (this mode is not publicly available - please contact us for more information) rounding up now
  • Changed default values of Heartbeat 2 registers