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Button in API 6

The button is the simplest sensor we have in our devices. The device recognizes various types of clicks based on time and this is how you control your SimplePack (and your SimpleIndustry).


The functionality of the button is rewired to the reed switch in the SimpleIndustry, the reed switch behaves like the button in this device, so this article is important for SimpleIndustry users too!


Button functionality:

  1. The button is how you request downlink (change settings) and arm/disarm devices (activate/deactivate user modes).

    More in the Basic operations guide HERE!

  2. There are two button-based User modes: Press me (+ WiFi variants) and Blinker. You can find an overview of both of these modes below.

  3. You can also receive independent alerts from the button in other modes.

    More about independent alerts HERE!

  4. The button can also be used to switch the RC zone of your device.

    Manual zone switch

User modes

Press me (+ WiFi variants)

Simple mode that sends different alerts based on the length of button click - short press, double click, long press, extra long press.


When the button is clicked, the device sends an alert and the LED will start blinking. When the button is pressed again, a different alert is sent and the blinking stops.

Relevant registers

Register hex Register name Value range What it is and what it does Useful for
0x0E Device control presets 8 binary flags Bits 3, 4 and 5 control the button. More in the table. All modes
0x56 Device control presets 8 binary flags Bit 7 controls LED patterns of short press. Press me + independent button alerts
0x57 Device control presets 8 binary flags Bits 7 and 6 control disarming by button. All modes
0x59 Button press timing 2 sets of 4 binary flags Customizes the time between various types of button presses. Press me + independent button alerts