API 6 Introduction

What is the API 6? What devices use the API ?

API 6 is the revolutionary and universal firmware used in most of our devices today. It expands the original 7 modes from API 5 significantly, more than 50+ modes are available now and there's still space left for more modes.


  • one API for all new Simple Hardware devices (SsimpleLeak, SsimplePack Plus, SimplePack,  SimpleMeter)
  • easy to read, comprehend and parse in any IoT platform
  • support of stateless payload parsing
  • future proof and ready with full forward and backward compatibility both in downlink and uplink
  • new uplink and downlink mechanism.
  • using SimpleTime for all time definitions (from 1 second to 63 days) using just one byte
  • using simpleTemp for all temperature definitions (from -40°C to 87,5°C with 0,5°C resolution)
  • support for all new sensors
  • 2 definable heartbeats with definable behavior and additional payloads
  • message and heartbeat appendable information at defined fixed payload positions
  • support for Sigfox coverage confirmation
  • ready for logical operators via downlink on device side
  • ready for world time sync and world time timed alerts
  • totally configurable alerts (repetitions, actions, behaviour)
  • easy to understand and consistent LED blinking and beeping
  • global switch for muting and no LED indication
  • support for sending only 1 frame instead of 3 frames (you can now send 20 messages per hour)
  • myriads of other refinements and improvements

Here is API 6 documentation