Can the VAT be deducted from the price?

Do I have to pay the VAT?

This article will be just a very quick response to the question; we suggest you read up on VAT deduction and if you're eligible for it as the information we provide here is very basic.

1. The Czech Republic

You always have to pay the VAT when buying from us in the Czech Republic, but if you represent a company that's VAT registered (plátce DPH), you can deduct the VAT from your taxes.

1. The European Union

If you're a private customer (consumer) in the EU, you always have to pay the VAT.

If you represent an EU-based company without a VAT ID, you always have to pay the VAT.

If you represent an EU-based company with a valid VAT ID, you don't have to pay the VAT when ordering from us, but you are responsible for recording the VAT transaction because of the VAT  Reverse Charge Mechanism. If you want to have the VAT deducted when ordering, you need to fill in a valid EU VAT ID in your account on our eshop:

2. Outside the European Union

If you're outside the EU, you do not have to pay the VAT at all! But the law in your country may require you to pay import duties. If you're not from the EU, we recommend you read up on ordering from the EU before purchasing anything.