SimplePack 2.0 API 5

How does the SimplePack 2.0 work? What firmware version does the SimplePack 2.0 have?

The API 5 is the firmware revision used in the SimplePack 1.1 and 2.0. You can find the table at the bottom of this article.

  • expands the modes to Don't drop me
  • heartbeat contains always temperature and voltage during transmission
  • temperature and voltage can be appended to all messages (exception is Monitor me)
  • switchable appending accelerometer values to all messages
  • very long press is detected at pressing for more than 6 seconds (prev. 10 secs)
  • switchable automatic arming after selectable inactivity period (exception is Monitor me, Trace me)
  • switchable sending of confirmation message on moment of arming (after departure delay)
  • switchable automatic disarm after alert
  • switchable disarm by long press
  • adjustable sampling interval in Monitor me mode (prev. 1 sec)
  • switchable sending of three messages after alert instead of one
  • switchable button  clickable and alerting even while other modes are running
  • switchable no downlink requested after alarm
  • non-linear timers for Arrival delay, Sleep time, Automatic arm time

Here is API 5 documentation.