SimpleMeter FAQ

What is the SimpleMeter? Can I buy SimpleMeter? When will SimpleMeter be available?

How far are you ?

The design is based on SimplePack 3.0 so we only solve three things

a. mold and mechanics of the case

b. universal wall fixture (any good ideas ?)

c. simpleAPI 6 definition for temperature and humidity 


Option to add a probe ?
it is not complicated from electronics point of view but from mechanics and connector point of view

negotiating with a partner specialized in industrial products producing simpleTemp with probe

expect  prototypes in March
there are lot of temp probes at


What about oxygen ?

Low power, long lasting, low power, reliable oxygen sensor in not readily available. Will investigate further.


Will other sensors be incorporated ?

As the design is based on simplePack 3.0 all sensors (light, reed contact, accelerometer, magnetometer, buzzer) are available (no LED light, WiFi or button)

What use case do you target by CO2 sensor ?

We are targeting the use case fresh air should be provided or not. Schools, offices. home. We are not doing scientific measurement here. If you need for any specific reason very precise PPM measurements look for currently available other options at


Will the sensor last long enough ?

Still doing evaluations for CO and CO2 but 10 years should be attainable with both.


Please ask any questions/comments bellow.