CheckFox Uplink Payload Description

How to parse CheckFox Sigfox uplink messages?

Each test message (uplink) consists of following data content:

  1. and 2. Byte:
  2. Byte = Proprietary “message sequence number” MSB
  3. Byte = Proprietary “message sequence number” LSB

(Proprietary “message sequence number” is a 16-bit value.)


  1. Byte:

Upper 4 bits are “main menu selection” identifier:

1h = Outdoor above 1m

2h = Outdoor 1m refer.

3h = Outdoor 0m ground

4h = Indoor

5h = Deep Indoor


Lower 4 bits are “measurement type” identifier:

1h = Survey 1x immediately

2h = Survey 1x delayed

3h = Final 6x immediately

4h = Final 6x delayed

5h = Downlink test

6h = Periodic measurement 1min + GPS

7h = Periodic measurement 10min + GPS

8h = Periodic measurement 60min + GPS

9h = Periodic measurement 10min no GPS

Ah = Periodic measurement 60min no GPS

Bh = Audit 100x immediately

Ch = Audit 100x delayed


For non-periodic measurements:

  1. Byte:

Number (1-255) of messages being sent in present test batch.


  1. Byte:

Actual message counter (1-255) = sequence number of message in present test batch.


For periodic measurements:

  1. Byte:

Batch sequence number (0-255). This value is incremented by 1 each time a batch is started by the user.