Logistics and Tracking (After Qualification, Basic Discovery and PoC)


You should already know basic need, authority, whether it is budgeted and what is the timeline

Business case

Describe the logistics

Where do you store the goods?

How do you dispatch?

Using EAN or RFID readers?

What system does it go into?

What processes are triggered by dispatching?

How many places you dispatch from?

How many places you deliver to?

How do you recognise delivery now?

Are you informing customer about delivery time and delivery location/time?

How and why?

Would the customer be interested in getting more information?

Would he be ready to pay for it?

Can the customer change any processes based on the information provided?

Do you subcontract transport? If yes, to how many transport companies?

Who owns/runs the truck?

How do you track trucks now?

Please describe the process.

Do you pair the goods with the truck? Who keeps the information?

Do all the goods from one truck go to the same destination?

Do you do consolidation and optimisation of the shipments?

Are any of your deliveries late?

How many and how delayed are they?

What are the associated direct costs?

What are the associated indirect costs (such as customer bad will etc.)?

Are any of your deliveries too early?

How many? By how much?

What are the associated direct costs?

What are the associated indirect costs (such as customer bad will etc.)?

What process can be changed/triggered if you have information about location/time?

Is time of delivery insured?

Can the insurance be adjusted  by having more information?

Do any of deliveries get lost?

Do any deliveries get stolen?

Do any deliveries get damaged? By temperature? By impact? By water? By humidity?

How many?

What are the associated costs direct/indirect?

Do you track damage now?

Can any process  be triggered by knowing scale, time and location of damage?

Is damage insured?

Can the insurance be adjusted  by having more damage information?

Please describe the goods, size, weight, material, packaging etc.

Does any of the packaging return?

Any special regulations regarding the goods?

How does the customer process the goods? Stores them or processes them immediately?

What does the customer do with the packaging?

Would the customer  be ready to add a process of sensors disposal?

Do you have internal IT or do you outsource?

Is the tracking in the IT projects pipeline?

How long and flexible is the IT pipeline?

Do all goods run in the same regime or are some of them different?

Have you tried any tracking projects previously? 

If not why? If yes did it fail and why?

Is the detailed tracking going to be an add-on premium service for extra charge or is it going to be part of standard terms?

Should the detailed tracking be additional revenue, cost cutting or customer relationship improvement project?

Is there any industry benchmark you want to attain?

How does the competition do tracking? 

Can tracking bring you any PR/marketing advantage?

Can tracking improve your environmental impact?

Will it improve any KPIs?

Does it match any short-term/long-term company objectives/strategy/mission? 

Proof of Concept/Proof of Value

Purpose and evaluation

Have you set criteria by which you will go automatically from pilot to production?

Is there an approved budget for pilot?

Is there a pre-approved budget for production?

Who will evaluate the pilot?

Are there fixed milestones set?

Are project team members identified?

Are project stakeholders and sponsors identified?

Are you going to use any external consultancies for the PoC?

The purpose of the pilot is to test:

  • coverage
  • logistics of the devices
  • device installation and fixation
  • device behaviour
  • device robustness
  • energy consumption   
  • data relevance
  • integration with internal processes
  • integration with IT systems
  • visualisation
  • device management
  • pricing assessment

Are those criteria quantified?

Any qualitative assessments? (focus groups etc.)

What is the timeline of the PoC?

Are people resources available/allocated? 


Are there any special requirements for labelling, branding, packaging for PoC?

Are final products required for PoC or can it be done on prototypes?

What territory/locations are included in the pilot? Can you share these locations?

Any customer local facility densification needed?


What level of IT integration  is required for the PoC?

Change management

User instructions ready for PoC?

PoC Shutdown


Any special security, privacy concerns in pilot?

Any SLA requirements for pilot?

Any legal aspect such as warranties or other liabilities in pilot?