Webinars! Everything and anything about our devices, services and IoT in general.

We regularly livestream and record webinars about various topics ranging from device sensors, device management platform, Sigfox technology to sales in the IoT industry and more.

You can find the livestreams recorded on YouTube in this playlist.

You can also sign up for upcoming webinars on our website where you can also find links to the presentation files downloads.

And what can you learn?

Webinar 1
: How physical sensors in IoT work, what they can do and what they cannot. Useful for anybody who's looking for a use case solution.

Webinar 2: SimpleHw API 6 - why is it revolutionary? Highly recommended for everyone who's working on implementing our devices as a solution to their use case.

Webinar 3: IOFrog: Not just another Sigfox platform? Recommended for individuals who do not want to work with the Sigfox backend directly and would instead prefer to use a user-friendly device management platform.

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