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Step-by-step setup: First message in IO Frog

How to set up the device for the first time? How to connect the device to the IO Frog platform?

You need Sigfox connectivity in order for SimpleHw devices to work. You can buy it directly at the IO Frog platform or you can use the platform with your own existing connectivity - the choice is yours. This guide splits into two at step 9 when the necessary steps become different for these two options of using our hardware. 

In both cases, you need to create an account at IO Frog first. Here's how:

  1. Go to to the platform: https://www.iofrog.com/ and fill in the Sign up form.
  2. Fill in the necessary information and confirm filling the form up by clicking on Sign up. You should see this afterwards:
  3. Follow the platform's instructions and click on the confirmation link in the email. If you don't receive it to your main inbox, please check other inboxes you have including spam.
  4. After you go through, the registration is done and you can Sign in using your credentials.
  5. After you sign in, you will be greeted by the IO Frog dashboard. From there, you can directly add your new device (you can choose which button to press, they do the same):
  6. There are five steps to go through, you can skip the first one (you can always add the fixed address later if you will decide to do so).
  7. Then, type in the ID of your device (read this article to find it: https://ask.simplehw.eu/id-pac). Please note that the ID can consist of letters numbers 0-9 and letters A-F. The ID on the screenshot below is only used as an example, please don't use it for the registration.
  8. Next, select the correct RC zone (here they are if you're not sure), choose SimpleHw as the manufacturer and then choose your product and hit next.

After that, you have to choose whether you want to buy connectivity directly from the platform or if you'd prefer to use your own. We will be starting from step 1 for both.

A. I want to buy connectivity together with the platform (if you have your own, skip to B)

  1. First, give your device a name (can be changed later). Since you're buying both the platform and the connectivity, choose that option, enter the device PAC (https://ask.simplehw.eu/id-pac), choose the subscription program that best fits your needs and tick both the General T&Cs and the Privacy policy and hit next.
  2. Done! Your selected platform subscription was added to the cart, now please head over to your profile, click on Billing tab and fill in the billing details if you haven't already.

  3. After your billing details are saved, you can go to your cart, where you can find the summary of your purchase before you buy. To do so, click on the Paypal link to the right. 
    Please note that in order to buy anything on the IO Frog platform, you have to have an account with PayPal. If you don't, you can create it quite quickly when buying.

B. I have my own connectivity and just want to use the platform for device management

  1. First, give your device a name (can be changed later). Since you're just registering your device to the platform and you already have Sigfox connectivity, select this option. For testing purposes, choose the 20-day free trial and tick both the General T&Cs and the Privacy policy and hit next.
  2. Your device is now connected to the platform, great!
  3. Now you have to set up callbacks in the Sigfox backend in order to receive your messages. Follow this guide: https://doc.iofrog.com/en/connecting-devices-with-existing-connectivity/