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SimplePack 3.0 and 4.0 Plus Introduction

SimplePack 3.0/4.0 Plus


The SimplePack 3.0/4.0 Plus is our universal IoT sensor that can cover over 50 use cases using different physical sensors and smart business logic of reporting data. The device comes in different versions that are tailored for different use cases.


You can find more technical information and also all available device versions in a datasheet we have prepared for device presentation.

CLICK HERE to download the up-to-date SimplePack Plus datasheet.


Simple Hardware is not the IoT platform business and we are happy to support and list any platform supporting our devices. However, out of all the available platforms, we strongly recommend the IO Frog platform as SimplePack 3.0/4.0 Plus devices are fully integrated.

CHECK the IO Frog platform here.

API 6 firmware

The SimplePack 3.0/4.0 Plus runs on the API 6 universal firmware (like all available Simple Hardware devices except the SimplePack 2.0). The firmware is rather complex and has a slight learning curve, so we suggest you start with this article:

HERE's the API 6 overview for beginners!

User modes

The API 6 firmware of the device supports 50+ User Modes that have a lot of possibilities and offer plenty of customization.

CLICK HERE to see all SimplePack 3.0/4.0 (Plus) User Modes.

What's on the back of the device?

back of the device