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SimpleLeak 3.0 Introduction

The SimpleLeak 3.0 is a universal Sigfox-based leak detector with a loud buzzer and the possibility to measure temperature as well. It's designed so it fits almost anywhere and the included battery can last for many years.


This is where the basic datasheet for the device is


The SimpleLeak 3.0 uses the API 6, our universal firmware.

You can find the operations guide HERE!

Introduction video

We've also recorded a short video

Can the sensor recognize presence of other liquids than water?

Yes, but there are limits.


Different liquids have different electrical conductivity, measured in Siemens per meter or S/m in the SI system.

The sensor is calibrated to detect water first and foremost, and liquids like gasoline or diesel have much lower conductivity by several orders of magnitude (gasoline 25 pS/m, diesel 5pS/m, compared to deionized water at 5.5 μS/m or typical drinking water at 5–50 mS/m), which means a different sensor has to be used (such as a leak-rope).

The output range is dependent on battery voltage, but in controlled lab environment, the lowest liquid conductivity detectable by the SimpleLeak is around 0.1 μS/m. This is around the worst case value, but please note other factors such as temperature play a role as well.