Using magnetometer mode as Door (open / close) application

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Hi Support,

We are considering SimplePack magnetometer mode as door open / close detection. We changed the operation mode to 9: Magnetometer/Guard/Door. We successfully trigger a message by magnet (magnetometer). 

However, since device is sending msg: 0924 when it is close to magnetic field (close door) and the same msg: 0924 when it is away from the magnetic field (open door). We cannot distinguish whether the current status is open / close. Would you recommend if there is any way to trigger different messages when it is open & close?



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Dear Alfred,

the magnetometer doesn't measure magnet contact, it rather compares its position with the position of the North Pole.

It's included in the door more because it's useful for detecting vibration...

If you'd like to use a magnet for detecting opening and closing doors, try the Reed contact on/off mode (0x0C).

Hope this helps, if not be sure to let us know.

Thanks so much,