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Edward Cadden 3 months ago in SimpleLeak • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 9

I really like this product but I am in total despair with the support, UNDER REVIEW = No Response.  Is there any chance of some actual support on this forum?



Dear Edward, you got 10 pieces of the SimpleLeak with correct version where the downlink is triggered by each arming. Correct ?



Dear Edward, you got 10 pieces of the SimpleLeak with correct version where the downlink is triggered by each arming. Correct ?


Yes I did receive the pieces with the corrected firmware, but this is not the question I have outstanding could you reopen the ticket please. 

Outstanding Question Below

Hi I am able to send downlinks now thanks for the updated firmware. However I am trying to reduce the sensitivity and increase the period before the orientation alarm triggers. If possible I would like to switch it off and use a daily heartbeat to manage updates. I am having no luck changing the settings on the Accelerometer. I have changed the XYZ value to 63 from 7 and the general sensitivity also.  But the device still activates on orientation changes.  The downlink works. I have tested downlinks by turning off the buzzer which was successful.  This is being done through the IO Frog platform using the setup page below.  What setting should I put in here to configure the device a described above?

Dear Edward,

I am little bit confused now....

Could you describe the use case ? 

Accelerometer can be switched of completely by setting sensing period to 0

Downlinks/setting updates don't have anything in common with accelerometer. They are triggered through arming (switching on the device) and of course can be triggered by heartbeat.

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Thanks for your response.  I am trying to set the device so it does not alarm when tipped on its side.  I am using IO frog for configuration.

How do I set the unit to not alarm when tipped over?  I don't want it to send an alarm alert or for the unit to emit a sound alarm when it's on its side.  I want to minimise power usage as the device will be continually moving. 

I have set 'Accelerometer measurement interval' to 0 seconds.

I've set 'Drop me, detection in Z axis' to Off.

This has not helped.

I realise turning off the Accelerometer will disable turning the unit off by turning it upside down.

I understand the accelerometer has nothing in common with the downlinks / setting updates.


Drop me applies only for Drop me modes...

If you switch off the accelerometer you don't need to disarm the device at all.

You can always disarm/arm it via downlink message...

Sensing is not battery intensive, only sending messages is...

So I would switch off the accelerometer and setup weekly heartbeat in order to arm/disarm the device in case you really need it.

Would that work for you ?


Yes this would work for me.  How do I switch off the accelerometer?  None of the settings I've applied has managed to do this?

Trying to reproduce here..Will let you know. Thanks Pavel

Yes setting accelerometer to 0 sampling doesn't help in SimpleLeak mode. We are going to test whether by tweaking some parameters we would be able to meet the use case. If not we will fix the firmware and ship you new devices...We are deeply sorry for complications...Pavel