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I have a Simple Leak sensor how do I initiate a downlink to the device?

Edward Cadden 4 months ago in SimpleLeak • updated 3 months ago 11

This does not work I need help to trigger the downlink request?

It is a Simple Leak 3.0 RC1 on my own SigFox Backend,  ID XXXXXX.  It is on the IO Frog platform and all working correctly but I would like to switch off the Accelerometer. I have queued a message to do this but I don’t know  how to trigger the device to collect it.  I have all the calbacks configure as per the documentation.I checked with the manufacturer SimpleHW and default setting is downlink request during arming. So, deactivate it and activate again and it should request a new downlink. In case it does not help, please, contact them directly at ask.simplehw.eu.

Hi I am able to send downlinks now thanks for the updated firmware.  However I am trying to reduce the sensitivity and increase the period before the orientation alarm triggers.   If possible I would like to switch it of and use a daily heartbeat to manage updates.  I am having no luck changing the settings on the Accelerometer.   I have changed the XYZ value to 63 from 7 and the general sensitivity also.

Is there anyone here?

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Dear Edward,

what does it do ? What is the ID ? Do you see the downlink request in the backend ?

Thanks a lot

Pavel Sodomka

Hi, the request in in the backend IOFrog waiting for collection. When I rearm the device there is no downlink requested when I check on Sigfox. Device  ID 104493D RC1 Simple Leak 3

You got device with wrong initial FW settings....

If it is an issue for you we will send you a new one with proper settings from production run. Send an email to Kamila and she will handle it. 

Please accept our apologies 

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I have another 9 will these be the same?

Yes if there were sent in the same batch...We will replace all free of charge