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How to check : how many time device was pressed ?

arnaud huvelin 8 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 8 months ago 2


Usecase :

  • pressme mode
  • everytime the user has an issue, he press the button
  • we use then the data to, determine how many times he had issues during his day, week, month, etc.

Concerns :

  • How can i be sure the message is sent when he press the button ?

Idea :

  • Device memory :
    • Can/does the device store how many times he was pressed ? If so, is it possible to send it every 6/12 hours ?
    • So, we can check if their is a gap between backend and reality :)

Is it possible ?

If you have other ideas, i'm listening :)

SimpleHW support 8 months ago

in Sigfox protocol a counter is increased by 1 for each message...So you can easily see in the backend the total number of presses...
See https://support.sigfox.com/docs/sequence-number:-general-knowledge


Implement reverse geocoding in Dashboard

Pavel Sodomka 1 year ago in CheckFox / CheckFox features requests • updated 12 months ago 1

How to change the Downlink data in hexa

Anxo 4 days ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support yesterday at 12:09 p.m. 2

Hi! I have a SimplePack 3.0 Plus Full and everything works fine, except that I want to send a message when a magnet passes, or when the accelerometer detects movement, but to activate this I do not know what to do. Can someone help me?

Under review

Button 3B62F4 - message sent frequenty

cvtm 1 week ago in SimplePack • updated 1 week ago 2


Since yesterday morning, my button 3B63F4 which was configured in "Guard Mode" several months ago began to send so much alert even it's in a stable place (I put in on a the edge of our office window).

Could you help to determine the reason?


Tuan Minh



Enrique Sira 2 weeks ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 1 week ago 4

On a SimplePack 3 plus would like to know string syntax for direct downlink from sigfox backend to change operational mode. Tried several formats but my Simplepack continues in reed mode.

should I use raw payload, custom grammar, ASCII?


SimpleHW support 1 week ago

Have you read API 6 for beginners a seen the webinar ? 

Under review

CheckFox Dashboard crashes if Atlas location missing for measurement

Philip 2 weeks ago in CheckFox • updated by SimpleHW support 2 weeks ago 1


for me, the CheckFox Dashboard lists some measurements without an Atlas location. When I try to open these measurments, the dashboard crashes with a blank screen. See bug details below.

This is not critical and does not block me.

Best regards


Client version: 399

Steps to reproduce

Open the list of measurements screen https://checkfox.simplehw.eu/measurements
Click on a measurment with no Atlas location data

Expected Result

Measurement details screen is displayed

Actual Result

A blank page
Developer console displays a Javascript error:
"Error: Invalid LatLng object: (NaN, NaN) app-index.2297268073.js:1:249050"


Using magnetometer mode as Door (open / close) application

alfred.wong 2 weeks ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 2 weeks ago 2

Hi Support,

We are considering SimplePack magnetometer mode as door open / close detection. We changed the operation mode to 9: Magnetometer/Guard/Door. We successfully trigger a message by magnet (magnetometer). 

However, since device is sending msg: 0924 when it is close to magnetic field (close door) and the same msg: 0924 when it is away from the magnetic field (open door). We cannot distinguish whether the current status is open / close. Would you recommend if there is any way to trigger different messages when it is open & close?




radio signal for SIMPLE PACK 2 I can not establish communication

Damir Segovic 2 months ago in IO Frog platform beta testing • updated by SimpleHW support 4 weeks ago 11

what about radio signal for SIMPLE PACK 2 (ID:003B1AAE) registered in ZAGREB / CROATIA. I can not establish communication



Under review

Edward Cadden 3 months ago in SimpleLeak • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 9

I really like this product but I am in total despair with the support, UNDER REVIEW = No Response.  Is there any chance of some actual support on this forum?

SimpleHW support 3 months ago

Dear Edward, you got 10 pieces of the SimpleLeak with correct version where the downlink is triggered by each arming. Correct ?


Under review

SimpleLeak 3.0

Edward Cadden 3 months ago • updated by SimpleHW support 4 weeks ago 6

I am trying to reduce the sensitivity and increase the period before the orientation alarm triggers. If possible I would like to switch it of and use a daily heartbeat to manage updates. I am having no luck changing the settings on the Accelerometer. I have changed the XYZ value to 63 from 7 and the general sensitivity also.  Is the correct approach.  I am using the IO Frog platform and can configure other parameters of the device but not the sensitivity of the orientation alert.