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Is it possible to turn off the button completely? (API 6 only)

Yes! You can turn the button off, HOWEVER, before you do so... You need to be careful. The button is the default way to trigger downlink via an extra long press and if you disable the sensor AND do not have a backup downlink trigger, your device will be stuck in the settings you leave it in. YOU WILL BREAK YOUR DEVICE! So tread carefully, please. If you're not sure how to set up a backup downlink trigger, check out this article here: Now how to turn the button off? It's quite easy. You just need to turn bit 5 of register 0x0E to 0. If you're using the default settings, the new value for register 0x0E will be 0x89 instead of 0xA9. By the way, you can find the table here for more info on the other bits of this register (you can e.g. turn off the LED indication if you want to save battery life).