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Thank you I managed to do it alone anyway ;)

I managed to do it, thank you :)

Alright thank you.


Does it affect the battery life to set downlink request in heartbeat ?
I don't have specific scenario in mind for downlink after installation, I wanted to know if it was possible. Just in case if someday we have to modify a setting on buttons to avoid going to the clients and press every button :)

Thank you.


I come back to you because you did not answer to me.
Is there a way to apply new settings to SimplePack 2.0 (API 5) via downlink data without pushing the button for 6 seconds ?
Because we install the buttons into clients office and after the deployment, we'd like to avoid telling the client to push every button during 6 seconds.

Thank you.

My bad the correct hexa was "4101000000000000". It's working, sorry :)

Hello again, Do you know how to set a daily heartbeat via sigfox backend platform ? I don't know how to do with your API

I don't understand how to setup this daily heartbeat in the API documentation. Do I set it via the Sigfox backend ?