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Where can I find what I'm looking for?

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First things first: END USERS


First things first: SIGFOX OPERATORS

First things first: CHECKFOX USERS


Was my order shipped?

Where can find the tracking number for my order?

Can the VAT be deducted from the price?

What currencies do you accept?

How do I pay by bank transfer?

Where can I find the IDs and PACs of my devices?

Where can I find the end product certificate?

When will I receive my invoice?

Can my invoice be adjusted?

I want to purchase 1000 devices

I need to have a specific version of your device produced

How are the devices packaged?

Can I have the devices branded with my logo?

Can I get the device case in custom colours?

Can I get the device case in custom shapes?

Can I get the device without the case?

What customs number/HS code is usable when importing your products?

Where can I get prices, pictures, dimensions, 3D models and technical datasheets?

Do you have local distributors?

Can I become a distributor?


Sigfox in 5 minutes

Sigfox vs LoRaWAN vs NB-IoT

How do I connect to Sigfox?

What can I use your devices for?

How do the different sensors in IoT work and what are they good for?

Will your products work in my country?

How you can control the device when the IP68 case is enclosed?

What is the battery life of your devices?

Practical links

How do I report an issue?

How do I ask for help with proper device settings?

How do I access or view the data from my device?

Do you provide any training resources?

How do I correctly place the device?

Which IoT platforms support your devices?

Do you provide connectivity with the devices?

How do I check and improve Sigfox coverage?

What is the difference between Sigfox Verified and Sigfox Ready?

What Sigfox Ready Class are your devices?

How do I get Sigfox Atlas WiFi connectivity?

How do I give you access to my Sigfox backend (support)?

Battery levels of SimpleHw devices

Air transport regulations for lithium batteries

Are the devices disposable after the battery runs out? How do you dispose of them?

How to sell IoT?

Company info

Can you produce GPS, LoRA or NB-IoT devices?

Are you a design house?

Where are the products manufactured?

Do you provide consulting services?

Do you have any ready-to-deploy solutions?

Are you hiring?

How can I become a partner?

Use cases verticals/whitepapers

Overview of the 50 use cases

Temperature (cold chain) monitoring whitepaper

Location tracking whitepaper

Multizone devices - introducing Monarch

Use case submission form

Step by step setup using IOFrog platform for some popular modes

First message


Chair monitoring

Door monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Leakage detection

Luggage monitoring

Manhole cover monitoring


API 6 introduction for beginners

API 6 introduction for experts

API 6 webinar and presentation

API 6 documentation

API 6 table for experts

API 6 firmware release notes

SimplePack 3.0

Will be reworked shortly!

SimplePack 2.0

Will be reworked shortly!

SimpleLeak 3.0

Will be reworked shortly!

CheckFox 1.1 and 2.0

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Will be reworked shortly!