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Step-by-step setup: Door monitoring

How to set up the device for door monitoring? How to do door monitoring with IOFrog?

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! There will be screenshots very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here's the short guide:

For monitoring doors, we will use the SimplePack mode Put me back. The device behaves like this: First, when there's an opening detected, you will receive a movement detection message. This means the manhole cover is being interacted with. When the interaction is over and no movement is detected anymore, a time countdown will start and when it reaches zero, the device will send you a second message that will contain data from the accelerometer, which you can then use to determine what happened to the manhole cover - if it was returned to the original position or remained opened. 

Part 1 - preparation:

  1. Check if the device is working in Press me as you've set it up according to this guide: First message. 

Part 2 - settings:

  1. Set the mode to Put me back. 
  2. Set accelerometer sensitivity to 20 - this sensor is used to detect movement and setting it up like this will prevent as many false alerts as possible.
  3. Set arrival delay to 1 minute. This is the countdown timer we wrote about in the introduction paragraph. After movement is no longer detected, this will be the time before the second message containing the accelerometer data is sent.

Part 3 - downlink

  1. You should see this on the bar at the top of the Downlink section:
  2. Next, click on Save in order to "load" the settings where needed.
  3. Hold the button for 6+ seconds (extra long press). This will trigger downlink and will send the settings to your device. The LED will keep blinking for about a minute.

Part 4 - check and placement

  1. Press the button in order to activate the device. This is just to check everything is okay! You should receive the following two messages:
  2. If you received everything in accordance to the screenshot above, deactivate the device by pressing the button for 2-6 seconds. Again, you should receive this message:
  3. If you did, now comes the time to place the device where you need it. Use glue or a heavy-duty double-sided tape to hold it and if the surface is metallic, use a 2-3 cm plastic spacer.
  4. Once placed, activate the device by pressing the button and try opening and closing the cover for a few times, kick the cover et cetera - just generally play around and try to think of any unusual situation which you can then simulate to see if everything works fine!

Part 5 - suggestions:

  • If you're losing a lot of messages, set up 3x alert repetition. This will better the performance of your device and you should lose less messages.
  • If you're still getting false alarms, set the accelerometer sensitivity to higher values (the higher the number, the less sensitive will the accelerometer be).