SimplePack 2.0 Introduction and Main User Guide

What is the SimplePack 2.0? How do I use it?

HW and API revisions


There are three HW revisions and three API revisions


API version


SimplePack 1.0


Expo version


Out of stock

SimplePack 1.1


Expo version with API 5


In stock

SimplePack 1.2


clicking button with click feedback


Out of stock

SimplePack 2.0


Clicking button and LED offset from button with higher luminosity, upgraded API


In stock


Difference between HW revisions is better clickability of button and placement+luminosity of the LED. See the video.



A set of 6 SimplePack devices with preconfigured modes and DevKit connectivity.

For RC2 and RC4 SimpleBox Plus with SimplePack Plus will be available.

Ideal for hackathons, universities, get acquainted with Sigfox and gifts.

See this document why to use SimpleBox and SimplePack for hackathons.


During Expo and for small order quantities we provided free trial connectivity. Currently you need either commercial connectivity or use the DevKit version of the SimplePack that includes 1 year of Platinum connectivity with Atlas geolocation services. SimpleBox comes directly with DevKit connectivity.



Simple Hardware is not the IoT platform business and we are happy to support and list any platform supporting our devices.


For customer convenience we provided demo platform supporting API ver.2



For inspiration you can also use free demo platform at


Application supports customer or Devkit connectivity and supports extension of the demo/trial period.

Mode explanation with recommended values, LED behaviour and estimated battery life


See Modes Explanation


API documentation


You can query the SimplePack which version is supported by requesting downlink by extra long press.

The second Byte gives you firmware revision.


Changes between API 2, 4 and 5


API 2 

provides for Press me, Guard me, Track me, Trace mode

Here is the API 2 documentation


API 4 

expands the modes to Put me back (form. Turn me over), Monitor me (form. Maintain me)

expands the payload definition

enables doubleclick, long press and extra long press (downlink request)

more configurability of heartbeat interval

LED can be switched off

arming can be done through downlink

heartbeat can request downlink and can arm/disarm

Here is API 4 documentation.


expands the modes to Don't drop me

heartbeat contains always temperature and voltage during transmission

temperature and voltage can be appended to all messages (exception is Monitor me)

switchable appending accelerometer values to all messages

very long press is detected at pressing for more than 6 seconds (prev. 10 secs)

switchable automatic arming after selectable inactivity period (exception is Monitor me, Trace me)

switchable sending of confirmation message on moment of arming (after departure delay)

switchable automatic disarm after alert

switchable disarm by long press

adjustable sampling interval in Monitor me mode (prev. 1 sec)

switchable sending of three messages after alert instead of one

switchable button  clickable and alerting even while other modes are running

switchable no downlink requested after alarm

non-linear timers for Arrival delay, Sleep time, Automatic arm time

Here is API 5 documentation.

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