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Where the Reed Sensor is Located and How to Correctly Place It

If you intend to use the reed contact for your use case, it's important you know that there are several modes that work with the device - Reed on/off, Reed pipeline and Reed counter.

You can find out more about each mode in this article: API 6 Standard User Modes

You can also find the datasheet for the reed sensor right here: CotoClassic CT 05 Datasheet

The sensor is located on the same side of the device as the button is - very close to it on the right side when viewed from the top as you can see on the picture right here: image

If you want e.g. monitor the usage of doors, this means you have to place the device in such a place where it will pick up the presence of the magnet exactly when you need it. Simple!

When it comes to the SimpleIndustry, the same PCB board is used but it's in a vertical position, which means you can find the reed switch right on top of the device, in about ¾ of the length of the device.