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Sensors Overview

Here's a little overview of the sensors and modules we use in our devices. You can click through to find an in-depth page dedicated to each sensor (including API 6 user modes).


Quite straightforward - it's a button. It clicks.

The button is the default way to control SimplePack devices - downlink requests and activation/deactivation are done through the button. Our firmware can distinguish between various lengths of clicks (the time intervals can also be customized).


Please note that the button functionality is rewired to the Reed switch in SimpleIndustry and SimpleMeter devices, but the behavior remains the same. All actions are just performed with a magnet switching the reed switch instead of a finger pressing the button.

You can find more info on the button (including how to work with it in API 6) HERE!


The accelerometer is a mechanical sensor that measures acceleration in the three axis X, Y, Z. Data from this sensor can be used to e.g. notice and report movement in various ways, determine the position and tilt of the device and other things.

You can find more info on the accelerometer (including orientation, how it works and more) in this article right HERE!


The magnetometer is a sensor that measures magnetic field. In our devices, the magnetometer acts like a compass as it measures the ambient magnetic field of the Earth. This can be used to determine position changes (e.g. door openings, the most common magnetometer use case). The magnetometer is only available in the Door eCompass & Full versions of the SimplePack.

You can find more info on the magnetometer (including orientation, how it works and more) in this article right HERE!

Temperature & humidity sensors

Temperature can be reported in several ways and with various precision. Sensor-wise, we can get the temperature with ambient precision (2-3°C) from the MCU/accelerometer, precise temperature (0.5°C) from a dedicated MEMS sensor or extremely precise temperature (reported by 0.5°C) from external NTC sensors (on case or on a cable).

You can read more in the overview of temperature sensors HERE!

Reed switch

The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. This sensor is very important in SimpleIndustry and SimpleMeter devices as it takes over button functionality and is the main sensor the device is operated by (downlink requests, activation/deactivation).

Find more about the reed switch sensor HERE!

Light sensor

We use a phototransistor as our light sensor. This sensor is able to tell the intensity of light in % (we cannot report exact lumens). This can be useful in various applications (e.g. you want to know if a package was opened before it's delivered). The API 6 works with light thresholds.

You can find more information about the light sensor HERE!

Gas sensors

The SimpleIndustry can be fitted with sensors that monitor the concentration of gas in the air in ppm. As of now, we support monitoring CH4 concentration and CO2 is being prepared.

You can find more info on Gas monitoring (including API 6 setup) HERE!

Dry switches

The SimpleIndustry can have external dry switches that can be connected to anything. The signal from the dry switches is then reported according to API 6. Reed on/off is the only mode that works with the dry switches.

Leak sensor

Used in the SimpleLeak to detect presence of water. Very simple sensor that sends very simple alerts.

The only device that uses this sensor is the SimpleLeak. More HERE!